There are two ways how to join our server:

Trough in-game server list:

1. Start the game and select join game from the main menu.

2. Change the bullet point from “LAN” to “Internet”.

3. Try to update and/or refresh server list. Find “{FAB} Clan Server” and click join.

(if you have trouble finding it, use “Game type: VIP escort” filter)

4. If you don’t have any servers available, exit the game and download patch version 1.0 from this link.

5. Follow instructions on how to patch it (copy .dll file in your SWAT4/Content/System folder).

6. Start the game, try steps 1.-3. again, it should work.


Using direct IP:

1. Copy or write down our server IP address:

2. Start the game, select Join server from main menu.

3. Click “Direct IP” button in menu under server list.

4. Fill out required information: enter server’s IP in first row, and password in second row (password is optional, only FAB members, admins and superadmins use it). Click join and you’re in!