Our Story

Back in 2006, Nikki got tired of admining a bad server and decided to make her own clan. Nikki gathered around any SWAT 4 players she knew and asked them to help her grow a new, better community and server. All Nikki’s friends agreed to lend a hand and host a VIP escort server. It was then that {FAB} was born.  It was probably that day which marked the future of {FAB} – a vibrant community of great players and – amazing people, who have become a second family to each other. FAB stands for Faber Artis Bellum which means skilled in the art of war. {FAB} has always had a vibrant community of great players and amazing people who are like a second family to each other for over 12 years and growing.

{FAB} took a break in Swat 4 and gave a chance to other games, but in 2018, SWAT 4 VIP Escort server was set up again. Although many years have passed since SWAT 4 came out, and regardless of the pause that clan made in playing it, {FAB} Clan server is popular and full once again, as it was in the old days, giving SWAT 4 players a great and just place to enjoy the game and have great fun.

“I have to admit – without all of you FABs, I would never started this clan, nor keep up with it for such a long time. Your love and dedication to FAB will always keep us alive and make us strong. I look forward to many more years of having you, all my loyal FAB friends & family.” – Nikki